This trailer for “Raising TIny” recently won 2nd place at the annual Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Conference in Gaylord, Michigan on September 14th, 2021.

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The word conjures images of rainy days in the duck slough, nosing headfirst into cattails and gentle nudges on your forearm. They say you only “get one great one” in your lifetime, but we think every one is a great one. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Our story features Tiny, but it’s really about the relationship between dog and man. The bond forged in the fall is unbreakable.

The new film series starts with the transition from old to new. The veteran “Mika” retires and the new “Tiny” grows up. Watch as she learns life lessons at home and in the field. There will be stumbles for both owner and dog, but in the end, the reward is worth the hours of backyard training, long days afield and warms nights at camp retelling stories of gun dogs of yesterday.

Dogs are the best.

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